Project Performance is Key

Successful program management requires the right people and precise skills. PCI-GS has a successful past performance track record of managing complex projects and meeting mission objectives.

We partner with our stakeholders to identify, create and monitor all required program measures and metrics to continually evaluate and gauge the project’s performance.

PCI-GS staff will:

Our program management solutions deliver the additional benefits of:

Our Program Management Services include:

Our Management Consulting Services include:

Our Standards

Our management framework ensures all activities are performed using processes consistent with PMI (PMBOK), ISO (ISO 9000) and SEI (CMMI) best practices. We provide the right project managers and management consulting engagement professionals with the right skill sets to meet our customer’s expectations. Our project managers are certified Project Management Professionals (PMP) and deliver customized management solutions to respond to our customer needs.

Our Uniqueness

We stand out by serving our customers proactively and effectively. We know how to best use management processes to provide project prioritization and integration. Our approach includes knowledge transfer for our customers and enables our clients to improve their leadership decision making.