Custom Data Analysis and Visualization

PCI-GS has experience providing data management and business intelligence solutions for federal and public sector customers, and are well versed in a variety of business intelligence technologies. We are able to perform custom data analysis and visualization for our clients.

Our Experience

PCI-GS has supported the development of data dashboards and maintains data repositories that are accessed by various customers for their analysis requirements. PCI-GS professionals possess the requisite experience performing data verification and validation from both contracts and purchase cards from Bureau systems (e.g. PRISM) and external data systems (FPDS, Citibank, USA Spending).

Our Services Include:


Data Quality Assurance Services

Custom Database Development

Our Benefits

PCI-GS will identify gaps in data and assist with data corrections as well as assist with file audits. We can draft annual FPDS data validation reports, draft annual service contract inventory reports, and create Government Purchase Card (GPC) program materials.

We specialize in taking data from disparate data sources, analyzing it, providing structure, and using the data to provide key insights to our customers.